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Sql Injection Attacks – Are You Safe?

There are several extended stored procedures that can cause permanent damage to a system. We can execute an extended stored procedure using our login form with an injected command as the username, like this: Username: '; exec master..xp_xxx; -- Password: [Anything] All we have to do is pick the appropriate extended stored procedure and replace xp_xxx with its name in the sample above. For example, if IIS was installed on the same machine as SQL Server (which is typical for small one/two man setups), then we could restart it by using the xp_cmdshell extended stored procedure (which executes a command string as an operating-system command) and IIS reset. All we need to do is enter the following user credentials into our getlogin.asp page: Username: '; exec master..xp_cmdshell 'iisreset'; -- This would send the following query to SQL Server: select userName from users where userName=''; exec master..xp_cmdshell 'iisreset'; --' and userPass='' As I'm sure you'll agree, this can cause serious problems, and with the right commands, can cause an entire Website to malfunction. <br>To read more:

Analysis of three billion attacks reveals SQL injections cost $196,000

Whats more, most attacks leverage zero day vulnerabilities so the attack vectors have not been seen before and do not exhibit telltale signs of an intrusion. This poses problems for most security professionals, especially those that rely on signature-based security technologies to detect and prevent attacks. Battling SQL injection must take a different approach, one that identifies what is normal access and what falls out of the norm - all without creating false positives for attacks and at the same time not missing an attack in progress. Products using this type of an approach are emerging, including DB Networks' SQL Injection management solution, which was recently reviewed on Enterprise Networking Planet. <br>To read more:

How to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

The error message indicates that the backend code has literally included the user input into the syntax of a SQL query, because the single apostrope caused a syntax error in that query. Needless to say, this loophole reflects insecure coding and poor practice but is also all too common . A securely coded web site would have removed that dangerous apostrophe from the hacker's input in fact, it would have sanitized the input by disallowing all characters except those that are specifically relevant to the data context. For example, a numeric input field (such as "age") should filter out any non-numeric input data before passing it to the SQL command. But now the hacker has learned that a potential target is not santizing input data and proceeds to submit increasingly sophisticated code snippets into the input form. <br>To read more:

6 Steps for Fighting SQL Injection

Anti-virus fails to detect 54 per cent of new malware collected by honeypots - Additionally, 71 per cent of new malware collected from sandboxes was also undetected by over 40 different anti-virus solutions. This supports the premise that simple endpoint solutions must be augmented with network malware detection and purpose-built solutions. 43 per cent of incident response engagements were the result of malware - Missing anti-virus, anti-malware and effective lifecycle management of these basic controls were key factors in a significant portion of these engagements. Read the Administrator Releases a Worm case study to see how it cost one organization $109,000. <br>To read more:

SQL injection attacks up 69%

These programs used a complex SQL script to generically inject data into any vulnerable sites without prior knowledge of the database structure. They accomplish this by using multiple SQL commands to create a script that utilizes database features to gather and then loop through table names and append malicious JavaScript that points to malware on a third-party site. The injected JavaScript is dynamically used within the HTML page that is presented to clients and attempts to exploit various Web browser vulnerabilities to install back-door or Trojan software. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 list includes excellent guidance for mitigating injection type attacks including: -- Input validation: Use a standard input-validation mechanism to validate all input data for length, type, syntax and business rules before accepting the data to be displayed or stored; use an "accept known good" validation strategy. Reject invalid input rather than attempting to sanitize potentially hostile data. <br>To read more:

Anatomy of a SQL Injection Attack

The data is from this year, however, so what gives? Well, the method is also often used by hackers to steal user account credentials such as e-mail addresses and passwords. In the last few months, there have been a slew of attacks against the following sites: LinkedIn , eHarmony , , Yahoo , Android Forums , Billabong , Formspring , Nvidia , and Gamigo , among others. I doubt they were all SQL injection attacks, but I wouldn't be surprised if many were. "Many, many sites have lost customer data in this way," Chris Hinkley, a Senior Security Engineer at FireHost, said in a statement. <br>To read more:

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Web Design Firm - The Creative Momentum - Ranks #1 On 10 Best De

Isadora Design Disclosed Fourth Top Web Design Service by for March 2014

Recognized for its ground-breaking work in the field of web design, The Creative Momentum takes top honors at this year's 10 Best Designs awards. Offering top-notch web design solutions as well as brand and marketing strategies, The Creative Momentum is further paving the way for creativity in the online space. For the original version on PRWeb visit: Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. WorldNow and this Station make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. <br>To read more:

Call for Entries to A' Web Design Awards 2014

Isadora Design was announced the fourth top web design service due to their experienced performance in the rigorous investigation process. Thousands of internet marketing consultants are considered while only the 100 top are showcased in the ratings The process for investigating and ranking the top companies offering web design solutions involves a veracious analysis of the key strengths of each contesting search marketing firm. The five verticals of analysis affiliated with successful web design campaigns include consistency, compliant code, download time, navigation, and visual appeal. The results of the analysis process are used to establish the placement of companies on the rankings. <br>To read more:

Entries will be scored on evaluation criteria such as creativity, design, coding, functionality, usability, accessibility, responsiveness and content. Designers and developers who follow a holistic approach to web design could expect to be successful in the A' Web Design Awards. Submissions to the A' Web Design Awards could be made till March 30, 2014. Entrants are expected to upload up to five high quality screenshots as well as text that describes their work. <br>To read more:

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New York Web Design And Development Company Makes An Impact On L

After the custom website has been created AdSpace Technologies also offers Search Engine Optimization services to help local business owners dominate their niche by keeping their website optimized and on top of the search engine rankings to achieve high visibility. Their SEO services include providing unique and relevant content, using unique and relevant coded titles for each page and much more. Maintaining a good visibility in search engine results among local businesses for specific keywords is important to generate a constant flow of traffic to a businesss website; AdSpace SEO service can only help small business in website development New York but also in reeling in the prospective customers. All AdSpace Technologies have been competitively priced and come with a guarantee. AdSpace Technologies had built up and is maintaining website of hundreds of different small business owners in New York across a wide range of markets and industries. <br>To read more:

Bop Design Launches New Website Design for Revolution Landscape

They were interested in partnering with business property managers looking to create landscapes that add curb-appeal to the existing building structure and excite current and potential tenants. Bop Design created a robust website to answer the needs of both commercial and residential audiences. The design has a corporate feel for commercial buyers, but still incorporates colors and imagery that appeal to consumers. The website lists its service areas of interest to both target verticals in order to effectively rank for search engine results. Finally, the website integrates a comprehensive Amazon store to showcase products Revolution Landscape recommends for starting and maintaining a landscape project. The collective website relates back to the brand promise: providing San Diego with customized, eco-friendly, sustainable landscaping. <br>To read more:

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Top Web Design Trends In 2014

Creating Responsive Web Design

Another way to say it? MAKE. IT. FUN. Let them discover who you/your company are by letting it unfold before their eyes, so to speak. <br>To read more:

Dzine It Says that Business Website Owners Must Pay Attention to Trends in Website Design

Brand storytelling enables a business to share its philosophy, mission, accomplishments, services and spirit. Bronze Medal Strategy Vibrant, Visual Content has announced that visitors to its responsive site will be greeted by a masonry-style layout of large, visual blogs featuring imagery taken from NBC news video. This very bold visual design is a key strategy in presentation and viewer engagement one the network hopes to use to showcase the powerful visuals of the Winter Olympics. For businesses, visual content sharing, featuring spectacular imagery, is a particularly smart tactic for welcoming visitors to a vivid homepage. A business can intensify its messaging by presenting imagery ideally suited to convey its services, expertise and corporate philosophy. <br>To read more:

The first, the most complex and the most essential step in website creation is forming the concept of it. There are various influential factors which need to be determined before you jump to domain registration and website setup. You need to come up with a plan, a graphical concept of you website and here are the questions you need answered for achieving this: What is the purpose of this website? Informational, educational or promotional? Who are the people you wish to reach out to? <br>To read more:

3 Champion Design Strategies The Winter Olympics Can Teach Your Website

This course gets right to the point in an easy to follow method. Michaela Stephens 16 months ago basic level introduction this course is fine for a beginner level, i was really looking for a more in-depth discussion on the concepts and strategies of responsive design. this course simply provides a coding walk through for a simple responsive webpage and does not go into the theory behind it. Nico Eshuis 16 months ago Too basic Only the last two lectures where really on responsive design the rest was only plain html/css and cutting up images. <br>To read more:

User-Friendly Website Platforms – Design, Creation and Maintenance Simplified

Think about the first car you ever owned, he suggests. Chances are you wouldnt be caught dead driving that car today. It would likely be outdated, unreliable, and cumbersome. You can apply the same thought to your website. Crisafi says that a small business website that was built three to five years ago is likely not allowing the business it represents to take advantage of the full potential of the Internet. What might have worked back then, he explains, is likely not a valuable tool in this day and age. <br>To read more:

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2014: New Year, 5 New Website Design Trends

Top Web Design Agency Launches New Lead Generator

Flat design techniques also avoid embellishments such as bevels, embossing, drop shadows, gradients or artificial textures. See for an example of great flat design in action. Flat design is here to stay. Why? Flat design is clean and unobtrusive. <br>To read more:

The package begins with expert and affordable website design. The website's construction, taking the end goal in mind from the very beginning, is implemented with on-site SEO and with off-site SEO once launched. The completed website will be launched with a monthly evaluation to track results and to adapt to any changes that may occur. In addition, the design and implementation of the insurance agency site is held to the insurance industry's standards. In this way, Rank My Web insurance agency customers are guaranteed not only a well-performing website, but one that always falls within industry compliance. <br>To read more:

St. Louis Web Design Leader Advises Not To Build Your Website

Louis Web Design.Even within our team, we only let the experts handle the different web development tasks. We let each member of the team work on the task that they are good at. This way, we also save the client time. Smart business owners know that time saved also translates to money saved, Rohrbach added. <br>To read more:

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